Executive Advisory Board

EWI recognizes the importance of firm executives in the ongoing success of its Chapters. The Executive Advisory Committee provides advice and recommendations to the Chapter Board of Directors in areas such as leadership, business practices, Chapter growth, community outreach, financial soundness and professional development.

The Executive Advisory Committee consists of five EWI firm executives whose firms have been members in good standing for at least two years and one executive representing a non-EWI firm that has an ongoing business relationship with EWI of Spokane. Advisors serve on a volunteer basis for a term of three fiscal years. The non-EWI member firm executive will serve a one-year term.

Primary responsibilities of the Executive Advisory Committee include:
• Provide advice on business and leadership best practices
• Support the Chapter’s philanthropic and educational efforts in the community; assist with donations or in-kind services where practical
• Provide input on investment decisions for the EWI of Spokane Scholarship Funds
• Be willing to reach out to peers to help promote EWI, recruit speakers and grow membership
• Provide guidance and recommendations on Chapter issues as requested by the Board

Each Advisory Committee Executive brings unique expertise and experience in a variety of areas which provide the Chapter with a broad perspective positioning each executive to advise the EWI Board on setting overall goals and validating community philanthropic activities.

Attend the April Executive Appreciation and November Trade Show and Executive Recognition meetings, and twice annual Executive Advisory Committee EWI of Spokane Board planning meetings. Executives are invited to attend any Chapter Board and monthly dinner meetings.

EWI of Spokane wishes to thank our advisors for their support of our efforts, and for the generous donation of their time.


Executive Advisors