EWI of Spokane Magazine Ad Space Available!

Friday, June 15, 2018

The EWI of Spokane magazine is a vital marketing piece that is used throughout the year in membership packets, recruiting efforts, the annual meeting & various other outlets. For added exposure this publication will also be inserted in the Journal of Business on November 21, 2018 to about 40,000 readers!

As a member of EWI, you and your firm have an opportunity to purchase Ad space in the yearly magazine, promoting your business and affiliation with EWI. The success of the magazine depends on firms such as yours, investing in this opportunity.

Please check out the forms area of the members only section for 2018 Ad rates and more information about the annual EWI magazine. Ad deadline is October 19. You will have the opportunity to sign up for Ad space beginning at our June member meeting. For any questions or further information please contact:

Sue Fleming, 495-4140 or sue.fleming@avistacorp.com
Carol Haskell, 995-3397 or carolh@spokanejournal.com