Congratulations! You have been nominated by your peers as someone who has made great contributions to EWI of Spokane. We appreciate all that you have done for the Chapter. Annually, we recognize the Representative and New Player who have made the most significant contributions to our Chapter in the areas of Careers, Connections, and Community. Please help us understand your involvement with EWI of Spokane in the past fiscal year, October 1, 2020 through September 30, 2021.

  • Careers

  • Actively attended at least 6 meetings, or contributed significantly.
  • Connections

  • Community

  • Did you attend or donate to any of the following Philanthropic events:

  • How did you contribute to achieving our Fundraising Goals?

  • If so, what was donated and what is the estimated value? (printing, supplies, major donations of food below cost; value of professional services donated above/beyond normal committee work, etc.)
  • Finally, please answer one, or both, of the following to let us know more about your reasons for being a part of EWI:

  • (A time that stands out to you as to why you are glad you joined EWI)