Attention New Members and New Representatives

EWI101 is For YOU!

June 18th, 4 p.m. (before the regular EWI meeting)

Kalispel Golf & Country Club


This program is to explain the more serious side of EWI membership. Join us to learn about the importance of RSVPing if you are going to miss a meeting, and why we do things the way we do. This is a great time to bring your questions, concerns and confusion. Oft times the older (belonging longer) seem to speak a language that you can’t quite understand. Learn what LCAM, EWISP, ASIST, Connections, Careers, and Community and many other things mean.


EWI101 is open to all members. It is a great way to meet some of the other members who are new just like you and help you to understand and feel more comfortable at our meetings and gatherings.

For more information about the EWI101, contact Kerry Wiltzius, Retention & Recruitment Director at 509-979-9996 or kwiltzius@necommunitycenter.com