Letter from the President – February 2022

by Erin McGann, Boys and Girls Clubs of Spokane County
EWI of Spokane Chapter President

January was a blur. Life has a way of being overwhelmingly busy and everything is battling to be the highest priority. To be honest, I’m struggling and far from perfect (cue the crying 😊).

As I write this, I have just returned from my son’s youth hockey tournament weekend in beautiful Whitefish, Montana. He is only 8, but this is his third tournament this month! My weekends this time of year (well, hockey season is long, from October – March) revolve around winter driving to both well-known towns as well as remote, obscure destinations. His team is playing strong right now, and even though this weekend wasn’t their best team performance—far from it—they worked just well enough as a unit to grit it out and take home the championship.

That seems to be equally true to life, right? Sometimes the team is firing on all cylinders, and at other times, any given member, or the entire team, may be struggling—just trying their best to do what they can. Teamwork is a funny thing that way.

As I’ve shared before, EWI is only as strong as our member firms and reps. But as a challenge, I’d like to add to that statement. When it all comes down to it, we are only as strong as our member firms and reps—as long as we use our collective time, talents, and treasure to help each other add value and create impact for the good of the team.

I am so proud of the quality of people involved in our Chapter. I see established leaders, and I see fledgling leaders emerging. At both the local and national levels, EWI provides opportunities where leadership can root, but also where transformative growth can happen. All you have to do is stand up and own it.

Like me, many of our reps are going through huge transitions right now: managing career changes or retirement, dealing with medical issues, personal crisis, crippling business attrition, and kid challenges.  Life in general feels extremely heavy. The heightened number of emails and conversations I’ve had lately has been weighing on my heart, and I recognize that many of our Chapter reps are doing the best they can during these pivotal crossroads.

The lifting can be heavy, but “many hands make light work.” Isn’t that the saying?  So I’m asking for each of us to help lighten the load if you can. Add your voice. Share your ideas. Step into leadership.

Some of our committees are small—only two or three people strong—but we need everyone involved. Join a committee. It will be the best thing you decide to do. I promise. This is where leadership begins.

EWI fundraisers are planned to help boost our ability to give academic scholarships. This effort is at the heart of our organization. Sign up. This is where our community impact starts.

Fun social get-togethers are planned. Sign up. This is where relationships and connections grow.

If you don’t know all that EWI offers, or even where to find information about committees or fundraisers or any of the awesomely cool things going on right now, visit https://ewispokane.org/events or reach out to hello@ewispokane.org.

My son’s hockey team may not always be firing on all cylinders, and some days it’s a crap shoot of who will be ready to play, but they show up. They take the ice. They do their best. And they try.

Whether you’re bringing your “A” game right now or not, give yourself some grace. Get involved. Make a connection. Reach out for help. Take a shot. You might be surprised at what you learn about yourself and your “teammates” during the process. EWI will be a better organization if we all pull together to build one another up and work as a team.