Letter from the President – January 2020

Happy New Year!

Huge shout out to Steam Plant and Annette Long for a wonderful EWI holiday celebration, it was perfect. Congratulations to our winners of the trivia and sweater contest – the ugly/Christmas sweaters were amazing and inspiring! Much appreciation to all of you for your love and generosity for this year’s ASIST winner and family. What you did to provide for them was heartwarming.

How are you influencing others? Seeing this Tedx title last week, I was so excited to watch it. “Why The Best Leaders Make Love the Top Priority.” It shares a glimpse into leading with love in more intentional ways, creating influence both personally and professionally.

Here’s to leading in a new year and decade with much love!


PS – Coffee & Connections will be January 29, 7:30am at Forza on Hamilton (in their conference room); I hope you will join me! This is another great opportunity to invite someone who might be interested in EWI as well.