Letter from the President – January 2022

by Erin McGann, Boys and Girls Clubs of Spokane County
EWI of Spokane Chapter President


A word filled with possibilities. A word that causes anxiety. A word in which (hopefully) growth happens.

It’s January 1. We can thankfully say goodbye to 2021 and move into another year of promise and potential. But as it happens every year at this time, I am overwhelmed by life screaming at me to change. The sheer number of weight loss supplements, powders and drinks overwhelm me at stores. My television constantly shows me all the latest and greatest miracle pills and work out equipment I don’t own, but apparently, need to. The focus on “change” this time of year is ever present and slightly exhausting.

But as we know, change is inevitable. Whether you intentionally act, or it is forced upon you, change is part of life. On the biggest scale, the Covid-19 pandemic shined a light on how we operate, how we interact, and how we communicate. It was a change agent. Looking back, how did the pandemic and the months since change you?

EWI has been no stranger to change. Locally chartered in 1979, our Chapter has seen a dynamic shift, especially during this last decade or two, in both the business landscape as well as the unique makeup of today’s workforce. I am proud of our Chapter for leaning into a new era that allows for membership firm flexibility and expansion of our scholarship impact. We need to adapt and be responsive to external factors as the world around us continues to evolve. Change requires passion and a lot of hard work, and our Chapter is blessed with talented and courageous members constantly pushing the envelope who not only want to ensure EWI’s relevance, but who ultimately want to make Spokane better. And thats I why I love this group. We endeavor to do more.

So while I secretly (or after this article, not so secretly) dream of slipping into a size 2 dress, it’s the subtle change from within that I believe matters most. How do I lean into change? How do I create positive change? If I do, why do I want to change? We have to look inward – that is where it all begins.

I believe change is a life-long, slow burn. It is always there, always flickering, and morphing shapes, with occasional flare ups at different times along the way. Each of our unique experiences and dynamic social interactions shape our feelings toward change. It evolves as do you. Change requires growth and demands response because what you allow is what will continue.

As a new year begins, I challenge each of you to allow “change” to be a friendly companion on your journey toward your best life. Happy 2022 friends!