Letter from the President – March 2020

Hello EWI of Spokane!

HUGE shout out to Jessica Bonar with Advanced Benefits for stepping up and saying “YES!” last month to present at the last minute – what a treat it was to hear from one of our representatives! I hope that you have all had an AMAZING day, week, month, and continue to share AMAZING-ness with everyone around you. As February was heart health month, I was grateful for the heart healthy dinner that we had at the Lounge at First Interstate Center for the Arts – it was delicious! MANY thanks to their rep, Andrew Dolan, for ensuring an amazing event – every detail was perfect and the help pulling together our presenter’s needs that morning was appreciated.

Our business meeting was a success, our straw ballot committee has been formed, and the motion to move forward with establishing a partnership with Innovia to ensure our scholarship funds are secured for our community (just in case it’s needed) was passed. Congrats to our members with perfect attendance last year, too! Our perfect attendance award is based on our fiscal year and we plan to share those awards earlier next year.

THANK YOU to everyone that brought guests with you and have shared EWI Spokane with your friends & colleagues – it was really special to have them all with us and we look forward to a few new members.

STAY CURIOUS! I’ve heard this recently and thought – I LOVE IT! It’s so perfect when we talk so much about being continual learners, enjoying professional development, understanding data, watching a YouTube video to better understand a topic, etc. What does it mean to you when you hear “Stay Curious?”

I think of it as a quest for more knowledge – wanting to know more about something, wanting to know why something is the way it is, and a small part of me just wants to be still to daydream and wonder. Do share! I’d love to know what you all think.

Looking forward to seeing you next week as we enjoy our Annual Business Forum in partnership with INSHRM and learn about being an inspirational leader!

Much love to all~

PS – Coffee & Connections will be Wednesday, March 25, 7:30am at Vessel Coffee Roasters on Monroe; will you join us?! Bring a friend or potential new member (you’ll get points for the membership drive!).