Letter from the President – November 2019

Hello my friends,

Many thanks to Beacon Hill for hosting our meeting last month and to Katie for leading us through our speed networking – so fun to get to know each other even more. The energy and enthusiasm in the room was contagious!

As we enjoy this season of giving, and being grateful and thankful, I have much love and appreciation for all of you! We have sooooo much to be thankful for within EWI of Spokane. Your Board of Directors is gearing up for an incredible year with their committees, and I’m so proud of each of them. Very soon, you’ll see the EWI Magazine arriving in the next issue of the Journal of Business – great thanks to Geneva and the entire Communications Committee; our B/C/DP team has been busy putting together our opportunities to give back and building out the scholarship plan; your Programs Committee has been putting the final details on the 2020 calendar to share in December; the Fundraising Committee is outlining the dates for all of our annual events; and Retention & Recruitment is preparing an incredible membership drive, and working to ensure our new reps are connected with a great mentor. As I look around our board table at meetings, I see these amazing women all doing amazing work. With our many hands and many hearts helping to make the work light for each of us, we’re building an amazing year ahead!

How are you connected and engaged with EWI? Have you selected the committee you’re looking forward to serving on? Are you trying to decide where you’re looking to develop a skill or share a deep passion within one of our committees? Did you know that our committees are excited and look forward to having you as a part of them?! You can assist by saying YES! to sharing your hands and heart to continue to elevate all that we do together, and the greatest part (I think!) is the opportunity to connect with other reps in a meaningful way.

Grateful, Thankful & Blessed to know each of you ❤

Happy Thanksgiving!



PS – Our next Coffee & Connections will be Friday, November 22 @ 7:30am at Caffé Affogatto; 19 W Main Avenue, Spokane. I hope to see you there!