Letter from the President – October 2020

Hello friends,

A Zoom meeting for the board installation? Check. A Zoom meeting for the board retreat and training? Check. A Zoom meeting coming up for our Scholarship Banquet? Check. With so many Zoom meetings, it was emotionally fulfilling to visit with some of our representatives at Beacon Hill Catering & Events last week. This event refilled my proverbial cup and I think it was the same for everyone who attended. The sun shined and smiles beamed as we enjoyed each other’s company. Ellie Aaro and Beacon Hill Catering & Events provided a delicious meal as we sat outside and took in the beauty of the view. This is the perfect example of courageously imagining how we can mix it up and create a new R&R event.  To Amanda Landreth, Washington Trust Bank, and the entire R&R committee, thank you for a job well done!

Another shout out goes to Jessica Bonar, Advanced Benefits, for reimagining our fundraising event in light of the restrictions on public meetings. The raffle for cash netted more than $2600 for our ASIST scholarship. Jessica was the driving force behind the idea and the workforce behind the scenes, and her work will have a direct and positive affect on a future scholarship winner. It’s also a perfect time to thank Greta Carlson for being our top ticket seller. We sold 380 tickets and Greta sold almost 10% of our tickets. Thank you to everyone who purchased and sold tickets to benefit our scholarship fund.

We are starting off our year with some great examples of reimagining. We need everyone’s contributions to infuse new ideas to our chapter. I am asking each of you to join a committee and importantly, please join a new committee. If you’ve been on the same committee for a few years, please think about joining a different one. Your talents and ideas will benefit EWI in new ways and you might just stretch and grow your own skills in the process. That is what we are all about – enhancing personal and professional development. We all understand that this isn’t an ordinary year, so let’s make it extraordinary.

I’m looking forward to 2020/2021!