Letter from the President – October 2021

by Erin McGann, Boys and Girls Clubs of Spokane County
EWI of Spokane Chapter President


We only have this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand – and melting like a snowflake.
— Francis Bacon

I saw this wall display at the Monterey Bay Aquarium (CA) on my trip in the days immediately following our September Board installation meeting. During that wonderful gathering of EWI member reps, executives and guests, I made many a reference to “moments”. Aside from joking about Kelly Clarkson’s “Moment Like This” playing in my head, I shared how amazing the moment was as I reflected on my seven-year journey with EWI.

Moments – a powerful word – that makes me wonder about the brave women who in 1938, first took a chance and founded Executive Women International (EWI) simply because they believed so strongly in themselves and their right to be a leader.  Or the moment in 1979 when an amazing group of women came together to charter EWI in Spokane; many who are still proud members today.

But what about moments that aren’t earth-shattering or even historical accomplishments? The moments that are small and sometimes seemingly ordinary, yet equally as impactful and significant to just one person. Sometimes it’s as simple as a kind word or helpful hand. Or maybe it’s the day that you first joined EWI. I know it was for me. Moments are a single point in time that make a lasting impression. Moments are powerful.

Just like the snowflake in the quote, time is fleeting and eventually good things (or all things) come to an end. But thanks to you, our amazing member reps (and member firms), your gift of time, treasure and talent right now is an investment in EWI and its future. We are all here together, at the same moment in time, to lift each other up and make a difference.

Each of us have the same 1,440 minutes every day to use or ultimately waste. So I encourage each of you to attend this month’s scholarship banquet – let’s celebrate students working hard to achieve their dreams and the role EWI plays in helping them do so. I guarantee you that the scholarship banquet is so special that it will be a defining moment for someone at the exact moment they stand up in front of all of us and say, “This I believe.”

So attend, participate, find your voice, join a committee, bravely step into a leadership role and help create those special moments that will allow you to lead and live your best life. Now is our time to sparkle.

Dedicated to our friend Kerry Wiltzuis – and the remarkable moments she lived and shared with her EWI family. She was a true servant leader. She sparkled.