Letter from the President – October 2022

by Amanda Landreth, STCU
EWI of Spokane Chapter President

As fall sets in, we’re lucky enough to have beautiful weather that seems to hang around. This time of year is my favorite—the cool mornings, warm afternoons, and sunsets are consistently picture-worthy. I’m not sure about you, but I feel like we’re back into the swing of things. School, work, meetings, and events all seem to be filling our calendars. If I’ve learned one thing over the past few years, it’s this: when life slows down, I feel a greater pull to fill my time with priorities that genuinely mean something to me. Am I spending time and energy on emotionally draining things or restoring my zest and compassion for life?

Many things our September guest speaker, Brooke Baker-Spink, spoke about were genuine connections and the impacts those have had on her life. How those connections she’s made over the years have nourished her career. When we think about stepping out of our comfort zone, it often feels like extra work and energy, however, doing so can lead to unexpected opportunities. Her commitment to this community and career is inspiring, we never know what waits for us around the next corner.

This year, I encourage you to think about your EWI why. Why did you join EWI? Was it to build those community connections? To professionally develop yourself through serving on the board, becoming a mentor, or leading a committee? My hope for this next year is that we continue to create a welcoming, safe, and flourishing environment that people want to be a part of; something that excites and inspires them. That they feel being involved energizes and fills their bucket at the end of the day. That they want to give their all and then some! Let’s continue to invest in our community by giving back through philanthropy and scholarships. We can ignite or deepen our passion—our why—and make progress toward our goal of growing our Chapter. While impacting others around us, those in our community, our EWI members, and our firms.

Take the time and evaluate those things on your to-do lists; do they fill your bucket and restore your energy?  Be intentional with your time. We have a wonderful year ahead full of opportunities!