Letter from the President – September 2020

Dearest friends,

It’s been an honor and a privilege to serve this year; your kindness has been overwhelming. The dedication and love you all have for our EWI of Spokane Chapter and each other is simply heartwarming. I hope as we wrap up our EWI year, you are inspired to keep doing great things for this chapter and for YOU!

Your board of directors have worked hard this year, and we were able to accomplish much of what we set out to do. Your dedication and commitment to be engaged with our Chapter has allowed us to be strong and flourish.

A small tribute to our board members, from the bottom of my heart:

Jane!!! She was my rock. She will keep anyone moving straight, and ensure you have all the tools you need, while humbly ensuring you’re set up for success, always. Our friend is going to lead us well as we continue with EWI Re-imagined in a way we never imagined necessary.

Vicki… WOW! The detail and dedication to excellence with our numbers is much appreciated! You have ensured we were always balanced, and remembered where everything should be listed (or found it quickly!).  She has rocked the Zoom breakouts and is able to answer just about any pressing question out there! Yes is always her answer. “We’ll figure out a way,” she’d say.

Tamy – the kindest and sweetest heart. If you ever just need a pick me up, just call Tamy! She was timely and detailed, with EWI’s best interest always at heart. Helping work through standing rules for months and learning the online Google Drive system – she’s simply amazing.

Karen – if anyone can… KAREN CAN! The work she did to help ensure we had members together and membership reports accurate when help was needed was perfect! She is a joy to visit with and have a great conversation.

Geneva – she can get things done! At the eleventh hour, when a message needs to go out, when we need something special and a beautiful message, Geneva to the rescue. Her expertise on the website and in communications was just what we needed to work through a great year.

Jessica B – fun, creative, an amazing team player!! She jumps in as a speaker on a moments notice and is getting ready to take us home with a successful raffle. Always ready to share great ideas and ensure we cross the finish line strong.

Jessica H – what a year to plan programs!!! This team has ROCKED IT! Every month – they showed up, to ensure we had a quality program. Together we figured out navigating through a Zoom presentation, pulled together fun activities like a scavenger hunt, and questions for breakouts as needed. They are continuing to ensure we deliver quality programing in the coming year as we continue to navigate Zoom chapter meetings. Jessica ALWAYS delivers with a smile and ready to jump in wherever needed.

Kerry – our sweet beloved friend. So much has been said, there’s so much more to say. You have been missed these last few months, sweet Kerry. You are loved beyond imagine, and I look forward to the day where I can meet you and dance among the angels ❤

Landie – the leadership you have shown with ensuring we were set up for the most successful scholarship year, regardless of what has been going on around us, was perfectly poised for success. You have recently said YES! to leading our valuable B/C/DP team as the year was in full swing and with grace, are working to ensure our philanthropic events are pulled together in the best way possible.

Amanda – you jumped in with two feet earlier in the year, ensuring our new members have a smooth transition with a mentor and great program to start them on a successful EWI journey. And then you said YES! to being our R&R Director – coordinating the many adjustments we’ve seen over the last few months and ensuring accuracy on our records. I’m proud of you!

Hailey – I adore you; you have paved the way for what one never knew was coming and made it as easy as could be.   Wishing you the best always!

Jennifer – you stepped up in a BIG way!  To lead our straw ballot and ensure we have an awesome slate going into next year AND continue answering my many questions. Huge THANKS!

Katie & Mariah – lucky for all of us, you two will be leading us well next year! What a treat to spend time together this year as Mariah helped lead our flower baskets to another successful year, and Katie is working to ensure accurate record keeping.

Past Presidents – ALL OF YOU… THANK YOU! You set the foundation either a year ago, years ago and some of you well… we’ll just leave it as a few years ago 😉 to ensure that we’d be around forever. We appreciate you always showing up for whatever we need. As life has given all of us this year – changes, challenges, hard times, loss, adjustments – my prayer for you is to keep showing up. Be strong, know you are loved, and that you have an EWI family right here beside you. I’m grateful for each of you ❤

Much love to all of you, always!