President’s Guest Message from Past President/Board Advisor Hailey Landrus

To our EWI Family,

March 2020 was one of the most difficult, most challenging months our chapter’s individual representatives, our member firms, not to mention our cities, counties, states, country, and world has experienced. Some of us have dealt with sudden loss, rapid change, layoffs or furloughs, different working environments, and/or working on the frontlines of the pandemic battle in addition to other struggles that crop up in life. When you feel like you’re on shaky ground and you’re tempted to fear, worry, get angry, be anxious or irritable, etc., remember:


Love will endure all the loss, change, and challenges of our current days. If we embrace it, Love alleviates our fears, worries, and anxiety. Love replaces anger and irritability. Love is reaching out to a fellow EWI friend to offer or ask for help, to say hello, to offer encouragement. Love invites us to intentionally shift our focus away from the negative and focus on what is good. We look forward to the next time we’re able to connect in person.

To close, our dear friend and President, Melissa Boland, is returning back to action this month. We’re so grateful to Melissa for her leadership during this time. Thank you, Melissa! We love you, and we’re here for you! Please watch a video that Melissa sent me to share with you, below.

Much LOVE,
Hailey Landrus