Executive Women International (EWI) has been building relationships for over 85 years. More than just another networking organization, EWI is a group of professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries who work with each other to advance our three core tenets: Careers. Connections. Community.

EWI of Spokane has been serving Spokane and Kootenai counties since 1979. With more than 50 member firms, representing a diverse collection of industries such as technology, banking, finance, construction, not-for-profit, marketing, medical, and hospitality, EWI of Spokane is the 2nd largest chapter in the US and Canada, bringing together key professionals in the workplace dedicated to becoming better leaders and better people.

We are proud of our impact on this community and the lives we’ve changed, both personally and professionally, over the past 44 years. Today, our Chapter awards $20,000 in scholarships annually to both traditional and non-traditional high school students, as well as returning adult students. EWI of Spokane provides leadership opportunities and mentoring to professionals in all stages of their careers. We promote literacy among underserved communities through our Reading Rallies. We offer monthly programs that inspire and inform. And, throughout it all, we build relationships with folks we might never have met but for EWI.

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